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Shrinkwrap has many applications in the industrial sector where new machinery plant and products manufactured can be delivered to the customer in the same condition as leaving the manufacturers. Oversized pallets are no longer a problem. The risk of the product getting damaged due to leaking trailers in transit is also not a problem anymore.
  • Total protection for transported machinery by truck, rail or ship.
  • Shrink wrap is light and clean therefore not damaging your items, unlike tarps that are heavy, dirty and can chafe your equipment when covering, storing or transporting.
  • Size does not matter, we have shrinkwrap film that will cover and mould tightly to any size or shape equipment.

Building/Agricultural Sector

Protect unused plant and machinery when not being used over long periods of time.
Shrinkwrap can be used as a temporary enclosure for construction and maintenance projects to protect workers and equipment from the elements and prevent construction debris from escaping into the environment.

Commercial Sector

  • Total protection for items that need protection during storage or transporting.
  • Temporary tenting.
  • Insurance/storm damage: Contain a building which has suffered roof damage from storms etc. with shrinkwrap. An entire roof can be covered, thus saving the building from even more damage until it can be repaired properly.

Large Shrinkwrapped Item

Large Vessel Shrinkwrapped

Small Industrial Machine shrinkwrapped


Shrinkwrapping - "Its only Limitation is your Imagination"

Recycling Programme

We offer a full recycling service for all waste shrinkwrap returned to us. This is done through one of our own companies Glenwood Environmental Limited, which have all the relevant facility permits for the Recycling and Granulation of Waste Plastics throughout Ireland.
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