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Power Shrink Heat Gun

Heatshrink gun used for all heat shrinking applications.This Strong robust Heat gun is ideal for pallet wrapping right up to Scaffold Shrink wrapping.This is the most economical and best value Heat gun on the market Includes.... Shrink Wrap gun, 8 metre hose, Regulator Hose Failure Valve, Oil bottle ( including oil), Operator instructions and 6 month warranty

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Ripack 2200 Heat Gun

Supplied in Transport Case and includes 1 Securepack - Variable pressure regulator with safety valve, 8 mtr / 26ft Propane Gas hose reinforced against abrasion & includes swivel connector, 1 spanner, instruction booklet and Guarantee card. The Ripack 2200 is the leading Heat gun appliance and now 30% more powerful @ 245,000 BTU with variable power level from 40 kw/136000 BTU upwards. Extensions also now available for this model ( contact us for details)

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Ripack Spare Parts & Accessories Now in Stock

We can now supply full spare parts for all Ripack Heat Guns and Accessories direct from the manufacturer. Please contact us on info@shrinkwrapireland.ie for your Spare Parts Catalogue.

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Shrinkwrap Heat Guns allow users to heat shrinkwrap safely and quickly. The New Ripack 3000 is Faster and more powerful than the 2200 plus its design makes it more service friendly with its igniter replacement in just 30 seconds compared to 30 minutes with the other models. Please click on more details for comparative chart on the different Heat Gun models

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Titan Express Heat Gun

The Titan Express Heat Gun with its 511,547 BTU output is far ahead of any other heat gun with more than twice the power and twice as fast in operation. Its used mainly by Professional Shrink Wrap Teams on Scaffold Shrink wrapping and large scale Encapsulation projects

Zipper Access Door

Zipper door taped to the exterior of the completed shrink wrapped item which allows access to the interior.All prices are subject to VAT.

Ripack 2200 Heatgun Extensions

A heatgun extension is a device attached to a heat gun which enables a greater span of heat application therefore allowing the operator safe use while the product is in operation.

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Weather Tight Air Vent

A device used on a shrink wrap cover to allow air movement between the outside and inside of the shrink wrapped product. All prices are subject to VAT.

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Toggles for Scaffold Sheeting

Packs of 100

Base Cap for Support Pole

Base Cap for Support Pole - Code SI 24


Buckles for use with strapping and tensioning tool during the application of the perimeter band.

NEW Contact Adhesive

Special Purpose Contact Adhesive is a Non-Flamable contact Aerosol Adhesive ideal for Bonding Shrink Wrap Sheets together where Naked flame is unacceptable or where Shrink wrap Welds have come apart after Shrinking and need to be resealed. Available in 500ML Aerosol can

Scaffold Clips

Used to hold Shrink wrap in place on scaffolding before shrinking with Heat gun

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Shrink Film Roller

Shrink film holder holds shrink wrap rolls when using, keeps shink wrap clean and off the ground. Easy and safe to handle.

Shrink Tape

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Strapping used to secure and support shrink film.

Strapping Tensioner

A device used to tighten strapping and hold the tension until secured.

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VERISAFE FR 300 Flame Retardant Shrink film Flame Retardant Class B / For Scaffold Shrink Wrapping / Containment / Encapsulation

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7m x 15 m Rolls / 320 micron Certified LPS 1207 and 1215 BRE Audited

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Shrink Film 5m x 50m - 200 micron

Specific plastic film - when subjected to heat, shrinks around the item being wrapped. Prices are subject to vat.

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Shrink Film 6m x 50m - 180 micron

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Shrink Film 8m x 50m 200 micron

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Shrink Film 12m x 50m - 200 micron

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Shrinkwrapping - "Its only Limitation is your Imagination"

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Recycling Programme

We offer a full recycling service for all waste shrinkwrap returned to us. This is done through one of our own companies Glenwood Environmental Limited, which have all the relevant facility permits for the Recycling and Granulation of Waste Plastics throughout Ireland.
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